employer offre emploi Canada

Our team is committed to helping Canadian employers meet their human resource needs. Skilled foreign workers are one of the best options for getting good employees in good positions.

Our database contains hundreds of resumes of candidates who are specialized in multiple sectors and fields and who have accumulated experience in different countries around the world.

How can we help you?

Once your human resources needs are defined and the skills, knowledge, education, and experience are identified, we will work with you to:

  • screen and identify the first list of potential candidates
  • consult with you and conduct the second screening
  • determine your preferences for assessment tools and methods
  • evaluate the list of candidates (assess knowledge, skills, and competencies, including language skills)
  • check employment references
  • verify education and academic background and qualifications, if necessary
  • provide you with the best qualified candidates
  • assist you, if necessary, in interviewing the best candidates (short list of candidates) (via Skype, phone, in person, etc.)

Once your choice is made we will,

  • proceed with the immigration process;
  • provide you with the best options to have the employee in your workplace
  • submit the application file to obtain a Visa for your employee.

If you require any other additional or customized service, we will be happy to discuss it further.

Do you have job openings and are looking for a specific profile?

We are here to help you find that rare gem. Please send us the requirements of the positions you are looking for. We probably have what you need.

Please contact us by email: info@zonevisa.com