Your project to immigrate to Canada will cost you up to 75% less thanks to our à la "carte services"

Our à la carte services allow candidate to pay only for the service they need. This could speed up the immigration process and save them a huge amount of money since the contract will only be for a specific service. For example, a candidate could pay for the service of “reviewing the application for permanent residence” to avoid errors in the application:

  • The choice of the NOC code which is crucial
  • Photography requirements
  • Employment certificate formats
  • Proof of funds
  • Language test certificates
  • etc.

A simple mistake in the file could be costly: money, waiting time, etc.

consultation initiale

Online Consultation

It is strongly recommended to have a consultation with a recognized professional to avoid certain mistakes that could cost you dearly.

review permanenet residence application

Express Entry Review

Probably, you have decided to complete your Express Entry profile by yourself, which is a good thing. However, a simple mistake or a missing piece of information could make your immigration experience difficult and very costly in money, energy, and time.


Permanent residence application Review

We will verify your entire application, including the required documents and all information to be submitted to the government.

review work permit

Review of application for a work or study permit

We will review your application, including the required documents and all information to be submitted to the government. We will let you know if there is any information or documents missing in your application. We will also provide you with advice if any, and tips to make your application as complete as possible.


Your eligibility and CRS scores

Our regulated consultant will evaluate your eligibility and calculate your Global Classification System (CRS) criteria points. You can receive your reports within 24 hours or less.


Consultation on specific issues related to Canadian immigration

Our regulated consultant will be able to answer a more specific question that concerns you.

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If you have an outstanding question related to Canadian immigration and citizenship, our regulated consultant will send you the answer within 48 hours. Please click on the following link to send your question.

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